Kurds demand attention from UK Media

A group of Kurdish protesters breached security and staged a demonstration at the Guardian office in London last week.

They were reacting to what they felt had been a lack of coverage of the Kurdish plight from the Western media.

According to the New York Times, last Friday’s was one of two demonstrations in Europe in the past week. Another similar protest was held in Cologne in Germany, at the RTL studio.

Hilary Osborne at the Guardian tweeted, “One of the PKK protesters sneaked through the barrier on my pass. They are now reading a statement to the newsroom.”

A New York Times blog also referred to the protesters as being affiliated with the PKK. The Guardian says that the group were members of a Kurdish Youth group, based in London.

The Kurdish population is currently split predominantly between Turkey, Iraq, Iran and Syria. The Kurdish people remain the largest ethnic group in the world without its own state, according to scholar Jean Allein.