“No judge or ruling law can make this eviction just”


This morning the eviction of the illegal site on Dale Farm in Basildon has begun, however the Travellers and their supporters are putting up a strong resistance. It was announced on Monday that they would not be able to appeal against last week’s decision.

“No judge or ruling law can make this eviction just” a banner read being held by a protestor standing between the site and riot police. The police and supporters of the Travellers have clashed over the eviction of Dale Farm illegal site this morning. The police have allegedly resorted to the use of tazers and there have been numerous reports of beatings.

There have been claims that the Travellers and their supporters were also throwing bricks, however many of them concentrated on protecting their children and belongings. Tony Balls, councillor of Basildon, has reiterated that the police have acted in a way they deemed necessary to ensure public safety.

He said in an interview with the BBC earlier that there are 8 authorised sites in St.Helens available to the Travellers, however they say that this is the first they are hearing about them.

The Travellers say that they chose to settle down after laws against stopping on roadsides prevented them from travelling. Settled residents of Dale Farm are complaining at the rise in crime that has resulted from the Traveller community. But supporters of those living illegally in Dale Farm uphold that there is no evidence of this.