‘Incredible India’: The side less seen

Regardless of the global economic crisis, India’s Tourism industry is growing at a phenomenal rate. However, tourists, TV shows and backpackers tend to swarm to certain places in India. Delhi, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh for its world-famous Taj Mahal… but what about some of India’s less-visited jewels?

According to India’s Tourism Ministry, Andhra Pradesh is the most-visited state in India, recei

ving 155.8 million domestic tourists in 2010. Maharashtra was the most popular for foreign tourists in 2010, hosting 5.1 million. Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh, with 114.4 million and 146.5 million domestic and foreign tourists in 2010, are the second and third most popular destinations for tourists in India.

Himachal, with its towering mountains, swooping valleys and cool climate, is not as popular a destination, although it remains a spot for honeymooners.

The Punjab, boasting the Golden Temple in Amritsar, vibrant culture and home to Bhangra beats, and the backdrop for many of India’s historical turning points, is another state which shouldn’t be missed.