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Hello Everybody,

A little bit about myself. I was born in the UK, lived a little while in Greece, and grew up the rest of the time in Kent, UK. British by nationality, and a mix of Chinese-Malaysian, Irish and Roma by ethnicity. I studied BA Politics and International Relations with a year in Hong Kong at the University of Kent, UK and MA International Journalism at the University of Westminster, UK. I wish to make meaningful documentaries about the people, places and issues that have gone unseen or unheard.

I have spent 5 years so far volunteering in different organisations that help refugees and asylum seekers, so I have had the honour of meeting people from such diverse backgrounds, situations and cultures. Having volunteered with many other vulnerable groups too, my interest is in covering vulnerable groups, especially those who are rarely mentioned.

Humanitarian Focus is a blog which covers various individuals, groups of people, lifestyles, and social issues, particularly those which concern human rights. It also focuses heavily on photographic coverage, though it is a multimedia journalism blog.

I welcome constructive criticism and comments. Please feel free to leave them at the bottom of my blog.

Jody-Lan Castle

Email jody@cingh.com or follow me @jodylan89


  1. Haven’t seen anything from you in my reader for awhile. How are things going? Planning bike trip through India and China via Tibet for summer of 2015, God willing. I’m sure it will be much different from what I’m expecting.

  2. Greetings:

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  3. I am currently writing a story about my African American family and how we have to understand that our cultures are a patchwork quilt of sorts and dynamic mix that create a unique; colorful world..how boring would it be if we were all alike. We must understand our history and roots to understand and truly know ourselves.
    We have several mixed marriages in my family; among them my brother who is married to a Phillipino, my nephew is married to a German American and several other previous combos including native american..how exciting to feel a part of eclectic universe!!

  4. Go for it! My background is also in IR and human rights, and I feel like the blogosphere has a void when it comes to this sort of compassionate and intelligent journalism. Your voice matters very much.

  5. The banner picture – I’m sure that was taken in the Philippines, right?

    Congratulations on your blog and your volunteer work.

      1. Im glad that you have made so far and may “God” bless you and your path for serving people and discovering the picturazation of the unheard & unseen stories.

        Your good friend: Ks

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