Another one bites the dust

A Nation is weeping at the death of their not-so-beloved leader Kim Jong-il, as he has died of heart attack, just months after the world was rid of Muammar Qaddafi.

I’m sure in the minds of some starving North Koreans, the thoughts, “Finally” or “Thank God” are going through. But of course on the outside they are putting on that over-dramatic staged outcry.

Every time an evil leader dies, I wonder if it is true. But that’s up to conspiracy theorists to ponder. More important right now is what is going to happen to North Korea.

Trouble to come

Asian stock markets plummeting give us some clue as to the unstable time that the country is about to go through. New leadership, nuclear arms and a poor citizenry are not a good mixture.

Kim Jong-un, who is supposed to the successor to the leadership, has only been in the public eye for around a year. It is not yet sure how the people will accept him or whether he is capable of leading at all.

As with many authoritarian states, internal strife leads to an attempted diversion of attention. This is usually by creating trouble externally. That is why especially the US, South Korea and Japan are on alert.

But as the situation is in the early stages, it’s near impossible to be able to decipher the moves of the most unpredictable state on earth.




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