Serving Pironi and Prosecco to the Mail on Sunday

Just a normal day in class, and a normal day at work. Well so I thought. Until I found myself having a B52 shot at the expense of one of the newspapers I loathe the most, the Mail of Sunday. After yesterday’s blogpost ranting about the Daily Mail, I ironically turned up at work to find Bob from the Mail on Sunday was hosting a party at our restaurant.

Standing behind the bar eavesdropping on people’s conversations, I didn’t hear anything more exciting than men moaning about the stress of having a wife and kids.

I did expect a bunch of bigots ranting about the state of Britain and immigrants stealing jobs, but I guess they save all that for their newspaper.

Funnily enough, it seems like Daily Mail staff have a certain look about them, which I’m not able to describe. All I know is, I will know a Daily Mail journalist if he walks into the room!

I overheard that the Telegraph’s party was on tonight too. Again my bad luck rears its ugliness…why couldn’t the Telegraph hold their party at ours!

When the food came out, some of the chicken seemed undercooked. One of them came to me and said jokingly, “We’d best send these back, unless you’re trying to send our entire department down with food poisoning?” And I had a little giggle to myself.

Not everyone at the party worked for the Daily Mail, there were some delightful people.

Bob, though I didn’t catch his last name, was very talkative. Well…at least to my white work colleagues.

When I asked everyone if they needed us to call taxis for them, he turned to everyone and said “does anyone need taxis? This………..(long pause)….woman is asking.” “Go on! Call me something racist, I dare you!” I was thinking in my head.

There seemed to be a consensus among my work colleagues and I, that the Daily Mail/Mail on Sunday is not a very nice newspaper. And my boss couldn’t seem to understand why, “I love them ‘cos they’re Fascists”, he said giggling.

Before anyone asks, no of course I did not get any contacts! I have a conscience you know!


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