From one Brit to another: response to ‘racist tram lady’

Tram Lady,

Firstly, I am British. If I were on that tram when you were performing your bigoted speech, you probably would have shouted “and you’re not English either, are ya?” at me too. But I was born and brought up in Kent.

Personally, I still consider those who have lived in the UK for a while, and who have become a part of our society, as fellow Brits. But there is no argument when it comes to whether people like me (non-white Brits) are British or not. Of course we are.

I love MY Britain. A Britain which is decades ahead of where your conscience seems to be stuck. Today’s Britain is trying to be and should be a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, that combine to make a strong and active nation. But thanks to people like you, it’s impossible to unite.

What have you done for “your Britain”? Not that I like to make assumptions, but in the intoxicated state you were in, I doubt very much.

What have people like me done for our Britain is more the question. Like-minded white and non-white British people are doctors, teachers, engineers, policemen, firemen. We are an irreplaceable part of British society.

Watching you slur your vile words while your son sits on your lap, made me feel physically sick. Don’t ever utter the words “freedom of speech“. Thankfully, even someone you do consider to be English, told you that you were wrong. And for the sake of irony, I hope the policeman who arrested you was black.


  1. I too posted about this, absolutely disgusting behavour, it happened again a day later too with someone else going “Talk my language!” but she couldn’t even speak her own language.

    It’s funny though because they locked her up for her own safety due to death threats, lol yeah, throw her in prison with a bunch of murderers, that’ll keep her safe.

    The fact that she came out with all that crap while holding her child, poisoning his young mind, she doesn’t deserve to be a mother.

    1. Do you think justice will actually come to Emma West though? I have a sickening feeling inside that they will just let her go.

      Send me the link to your post about it, I can’t find it 🙂

    1. Well done for responding as you did to the disgusting comments that followed. I really commend you. Are you Punjabi?

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