‘One Tiger Eight Breasts’ and yet another investigation


Looks like the Chinese government is intent on making Chinese activist Ai Wei Wei famous.

Every time he does something, they investigate him for it, and he jumps back into the headlines.

This time he has been taking his clothes off, joining four naked ladies, perching on little wooden stools and giggling, all the while being photographed.

All in the name of Art of course.

But the Chinese government doesn’t see it that way. And now he has found himself under investigation yet again.

The piece is titled ‘one Tiger eight breasts’. And is not the first piece in China in which an artist has posed nude in their own work.

He has only recently disappeared from the spotlight of paying a 15 million yuan tax bill along with the help of the Chinese people.

Of course, the Chinese government couldn’t give a damn about pornography, but are probably using it as a way to try to keep Ai quiet.

Though it doesn’t seem to be working.

Now that Ai has reached the eyes of the international community, thanks to the internet, they won’t be able to do much to stop him.

They may respond however, by cracking down harder and harder on internet users, and increasing internet policing.

They know the power of the web, and the potential threat it poses to the stability of China.

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